laser welding machine MODEL : NL-GW1000


Model NL-GW1000 NL-G1500 NL-GW2000 NL-GW3000
Laser Power 1000 W 1500 W 2000 W 3000 W
Power dmand Single-phase AC220V/50Hz Three-phase AC380V/50Hz
Laser type Fiber
Control mode PC+CNC2000
Communication mode RS232 / External ID
Wavelength 1080 ± 5 nm
Working mode Continuous / modulation
Maximum modulation frenquency 5/2
Output welding head type QBH
Output bond head type Y Type welding head + Laser gun
Output powser Stability <3%
Core diameter of output optical fiber 100 um
cooling mode Water cooling
Positioning observation system Red light and high definition CCD monitoring
Focal length range 180 mm
Fiber length 5 m
Optional tooling Rotary motor and multi axle slide table
Blow protection Argon
Environmental requirements No vibration, no interference source, keep ventilation
Consumables Xenon lamp, filter,protective lens, pure water,argon
Worktable parameters  
XY max stroke 400 x 300 mm
Z-axis max stroke 250 mm
Module precision level C5
Position accuracy ±0.04 mm
Repeatabillity ±0.01mm
Maximum speed 500 mm/s
Power soruce Servo motor
R axis rotation range 360.
R-axis rotation speed 1000 RPM